Art For Sacred Spaces, Art For Your Intentions

Creating a sanctuary in your space isn’t frivolous, it’s required self-care, and key to living the life of your dreams. I’m Nichole, a Seattle based artist, who makes art for sacred spaces. I make abstract artwork with ground up crystals, mantra prayers, essential oil infused paint, and some delicious intentions.

Art has the power to heal, to channel in the divine, and break away the walls that keep us separate.

When you see someone’s work, and you feel it in your gut, and your blood even, this is your soul recognizing the beauty in you. Art has real energy, its own big life force, and it holds the intentions of the artist like a radiant prism. Don’t discount the power and magic of art just because the energy you feel around a work is invisible.  It’s palpable, and the energetic world is equally as real as the physical.

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  1.  Create a space that’s pulling for your intentions
  2. Remove stagnant energy that could be holding you back
  3. Get the extra push to design your home in alignment with how you want to feel
  4. Learn to quickly raise the vibrations in your space

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