The Need To Create

the need to create

As a new mom I haven’t been sleeping much, or creating any art.

My heart aches when I’m not creating something.

I miss the creative fire,  which includes reading, fueling my soul and accessing that  something that burns inside of me.

It’s true, I have the sweetest son, almost eight week old boy who is healthy, strong, and happy (most of the time).  And I’m exhausted, spent, unshowered, with a wardrobe of pajamas, spit up and a not cute messy bun.

Even though I’m accomplishing so much, nourishing my boy, making sure he’s happy, safe, warm, I still crave making art.


Creative types must create otherwise they are always left with the feeling that something is amiss.

I’m feeling it right now, that little bit of sadness because I’m not creating as much. Alas, I’m writing a blog post, and I took a photo of some of the flowers my sweet husband bought me to use as the heading art and created my signature distressed look in photoshop.

As creative types, art is not separate from you, it is you, your soul in another form. #Creativity Click To TweetThe reality is the newborn phase is all encompassing and there is not a lot of  time for me.

There are phases, seasons and sometime it’s not appropriate to make art. Sometimes you have a new baby, sometimes you need to grieve a relationship, a family member, or heal an old trauma to make way for something new.

If you’re not creating it doesn’t make you any less an artist. But if you stop creating completely it will erode within you until you take up some form of expression.

Creativity is in our DNA and we are designed to make the world beautiful.  I’m working on not being so hard on myself for not cranking out art projects.

I’m working on being gentle and recognizing the things I am accomplishing, and allowing myself the space to take a break from the rigors of the creative life.

I seem to find little ways, even if it’s just using a cool filter on a picture of my newborn. Creativity has a way of finding you again and again, even if it goes missing at times.

Much Love,