2018 Vision & Planning Kit



I love how this 16-page kit turned out, and I created it a few years ago for just myself.  Now, I’m sharing with you (freebie alert).

This  guide is for planning your 2018 with power and confidence. It combines all the best tools I know that I’ve discovered from mentors, books, way too many classes, workshops, expensive and cheap planners, and free downloads (way too many free downloads).

I made my best version of the perfect planning tool for launching into your new year, fresh,and powerfully.

What you’ll uncover:

Your 2018 Soul Word

Review your 2017 for lessons, and what to cut, change or edit

Break Down your 2018 goals into tangible steps for the entire year

Learn a powerful visualization tool that will take you to the next level

Enter 2018 with power, confidence, and a plan, (not just a promise)

And it’s fun to do!

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