I create art for those living an intention filled life


I make abstract artwork with ground up crystals, mantra prayers, and essential oil infused paint.

I create art for people who believe in the power of consciously creating their own life, and unearthing their absolute highest and best version of themselves. People with a purpose that raises the vibrations of the planet, and makes human beings bigger.

My art is a reminder of your deepest intentions, and purpose in the world, and your why. It raises your frequency, feels damn good to be around, and supports you on your journey to your highest self. It’s art that makes space sacred, and makes you feel love.

Art has the power to heal, to channel in the divine, and break away the walls that keep us separate.


When you see someone’s work, and you feel it in your gut, and your blood even, this is your soul recognizing the beauty in you. Art has real energy, its own big life force, and it holds the intentions of the artist like a radiant prism. Don’t discount the power and magic of art just because the energy you feel around a work is invisible.  It’s palpable, and the energetic world is equally as real as the physical.

I’m certain, despite any odds, all dreams are possible- nothing is off the table.

I’m an Army veteran and served on the front lines in Iraq. My artwork is as much for you as it is me.  Art has power, it heals, transcends energy, and can inspire a giant within you.

I’m certain, despite any odds, all dreams are possible- nothing is off the table. Daily I manage PTSD and art has held me through both tough and miraculous times.

Through healing work, intention, and daily practices, I’ve been able to find  balance, and acceptance.

Intentions create worlds, and my art reflects this truth.

You can read more about my painting process, and The Intention Collection here.

Here are some tidbits about me.

I’ve been a veterans advocate for years, and I’ve had media appearances CNN, New Day Northwest, and WNYC. I’ve spoken to members of congress, and worked with Senator Patti Murray.  I have an M.Ed. In Counseling & Human Relations, and being able to make a difference with my art and in the world is my soul food.

This man is my hero, my biggest fan (and husband), Bill.

10 RandomThings About Me:

  1. When I served in the military my job title was “Computer Automations Repairman” (never mind that I was a woman). It taught me to get comfortable with technology, and that I could learn any platform. I’m a little bit of a computer nerd still.
  2. Jennifer Weiner books are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love a good underdog story!
  3. I keep a daily gratitude list, it helps me focus on the good in my life, rather than being upset about how I was pre-PTSD. This change in perspective makes all the difference in my happiness, and has allowed me to accept the parts of myself I wanted to disown. It’s simple, but damn it works!
  4. Joni Mitchel is my favorite poet and musician. “Canada”, or “Real Good For Free” (the live Madison Square Garden version) are my favorites.
  5. Hot Yoga, Bikram fusion is one way I like to meditate.
  6. I’m a nerd, I love writing poetry, poetry slams, live music (small venues), and good conversations with a sweet friend.
  7. I have a Nikon D810, and I’m not afraid to use it.
  8. I’m a mom to four kids! I have two step-sons, a 2 year old (going on 16), and a baby boy. 🙂
  9. I’m not intimidated by things the way I once was, the military helped give me a bit of a backbone, and to step off the people pleaser wagon.
  10. I’m currently obsessed with learning curves in Photoshop.

Much Love,

Stay in touch, and grab “The Guide To Sacred Space” (my gift), it’s a good one!

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