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I’m Nichole Crawford, a Seattle-based contemporary artist.

My art is created to inspire your highest vibration possible, to remind you of your deepest intentions, your purpose, your why in the world, and to just feel damn good to be around, art that makes space sacred, and makes you feel love.

Each work is created for your unique intentions. Paintings are adorned in ground up crystals, essential oils, and positive vibrations, while mantras are prayed over the work.

The intentions included in the collection are: Love, Peace, Abundance, Radiance/Joy, and Clarity.

You can read more about my painting process, and “The Intention Collection” here.

Here are some tidbits about me.

I’m an Army veteran and served on the front lines in Iraq. My artwork is as much for you as it is me.  Art has power, it heals, transcends energy, and can inspire a giant within you.

I’m certain, despite any odds, all dreams are possible- nothing is off the table. Daily I manage PTSD and art has held me through both tough and miraculous times.

I’ve had the privilege of doing advocacy work for veterans and have appeared on CNN to help support legislation that would make filing a sexual assault claim in the military a more fair and just process.

This man is my hero, my biggest fan (and husband), Bill. 

10 RandomThings About Me:

  1. Right now I have a 10 week old baby.
  2. Jennifer Weiner books are good soul food.
  3. On my night stand is (Kindle version) “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris.
  4. Joni Mitchel is my favorite poet and musician. “Canada”, or “Real Good For Free” (the live Madison Square Garden version) are my favorites.
  5. Hot Yoga, Bikram fusion is one way I like to meditate.
  6. I’m a nerd, I love writing poetry, poetry slams, live music (small venues), and good conversations with a sweet friend.
  7. I have a Nikon D810, and I’m not afraid to use it.
  8. I believe in past lives. I don’t think I was ever anyone famous, although a psychic did tell me I was Betsy Ross once.
  9. I’m not intimidated by things the way I once was, the military helped give me a bit of a backbone, and to step off the people pleaser wagon.
  10. I’m currently obsessed with learning curves in Photoshop.

Much Love,

Stay in touch for new art, manifesting new-age goodness, and more!

Nichole Crawford

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