How To Make Your Own Crystal Charging Spray


You don’t need to wait for a full moon, bury your stones in dirt, or rinse your crystals in charged water while standing on your head, after you saged yourself in native blessed bush, to charge up your crystals any longer.

You need a crystal charging spray!

 Making a Crystal Spray is the fastest way to charge up your crystals at any time of the day, month, or moon cycle. It’s fun to make too, and one bottle will easily last a year, and cost about $5.00 per bottle. You’ll have left over ingredients, and an extras to gift!

Note:  There are a few crystals that don’t do well with water. Those include  Calcite, Selenite, Labradorite, Halite, Mica, Himalayan Sea Salt, Turquoise. Skip the spray on those.

Ingredient List:

  • Small Carnelian
  • Glass Mist Sprayers
  • Sage Essential Oil
  • Distilled Water
  • Vodka
  • Labels (optional)

I’ll share where I purchased my  ingredients & ratios further down.

Carnelian crystals charge other crystals and don’t need to be recharged. So by adding tiny Carnelian stones to your spray you will create Carnelian charged water that clears your crystals without the work.

Sage Essential Oil is for purification, it’s the liquid version of the plant. Some call it smokeless Sage.

sage11This spray can also work to clear old energy and up the vibes in a space that may need some TLC.  You can even use it as a spritzer for yourself.

This Recipe is for 6 Mist Bottles of Crystal  Charging Spray.  You’ll have plenty to gift to your crystal loving friends, maybe even in time for Christmas.

My Recipe:

Small Carnelian perfect size for sprays $15.99 per lb

Mist Sprayers $8.99 for 6 spray bottles

Sage Essential Oil $6.95

Printable Labels (optional) $12.99 for a roll of 500H

Distilled Water- $2.99

Cheap Vodka, ($5.49) we’re talking the plastic bottle kind of vodka from the bottom shelf. You may get some looks buying this vodka, I did at 9 months pregnant.  Just smile and say it’s for your drunk aunt for Christmas, I did.

Get The Printable Crystal Charging Spray Recipe HERE! 

Essential Oils and water don’t mix well so by adding a small amount of Vodka or another grain alcohol they will mix better. The alcohol also helps the fragrance last longer.

Feel free to use premium alcohol if you’d like and can afford it. It won’t make a difference in the quality of your spray, of shelf life (forever), but it might save you a trip to the store.

Fill your spritzer bottle with enough Carnelian stones to coat the bottom of your bottle, add 3 oz of Vodka, 60 drops of Sage Essential Oil, and top off with Distilled Water.  


You can even charge the crystals and spray with a blessing by saying a prayer with your intentions while holding your spray.

Voila, you have your very own Crystal Charging Magic Potion! One bottle can easily last a year and your friends who receive this as a gift will adore you for saving them so much time and feel special when they get a homemade present.

Let me know how it goes? Do you have a method you like best for charging your crystals? Let me know in the comments below.

Is a Seattle Artist, and mom to four who knows the power of creating intentions in your space and in life can change everything. All dreams become possible with your intentions.





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