Raise Your Vibration Playlist

I have a secret talent! I make killer mixes. I’m not talking salads – I mean playlists. Ever since I was 5, and had my brown unbreakable Fisher Price radio/tape deck I was making a mix tape. Then burning CD’s, and now it’s the digital playlist!

This one’s called “The Best Raise Your Vibes Mix”, and you won’t find any mantra’s, Deva Premal, Enya or New-Age goodness this time. There’re songs from Stevie Wonder to the Beastie Boys, to Sade, to a few you’ve never heard of like Lyrics Born, Dianne Birch, and Hem.

Check it out : “The Best Raise Your Vibes Mix”.  If you have Apple Music it’s free, just click the ADD icon! I hope you love it!

This is the playlist I’m listening to over and over again, I’m feeling so connected, and energized. Let me know if you do, or if you have a song you think I should have added please share! I love learning about new artists.Enjoy!