Raising your vibration will have the law of attraction pulling for team you. Whatever you want, you can have with this law, but there are no exceptions, you’ve got to follow some rules.  Home is where the heart is, and the foundation for creating what you want.  If it’s a mess, you’re going to need to do some spring cleaning to step up your manifesting game. Don’t worry it’s pretty simple.

1. Surround Yourself with Your Favorite Color

Your favorite color says something about you energetically. It’s your favorite because it it nourishes you on an energetic level. Don’t discount the energetic power of color and it’s impact on your mood. I’m so in love with this papaya color I just added to my website. It feels like me, soft, feminine, but fun too. You don’t need a reason why a certain color vibes with you. Trust your vibrations, and buy a few new throw pillows, candles, bedding, or curtains with your color. It will make you feel good, and feeling good is what we’re aiming for.  (Don’t forget to donate the old items).

2. Get Rid Of Anything That Doesn’t Serve You

If it doesn’t light you up throw it out!  Head to your closet(s) and create a donate pile. Have old items that you’re not using? Maybe those expensive Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans you fit in 7 years ago? I begrudgingly donated mine two years ago. Guess what, I still wouldn’t fit in them, but I did make a loud statement to the universe that I fully embrace who I am right now.  I realized I had so many beliefs wrapped around those jeans like the idea that I needed to be thinner to find love (pre-Bill), and I needed to be a certain size to feel confident again. Energetically I was putting my life on hold waiting for those dumb jeans to fit. Declutter, donate, de-junk, and if it doesn’t make you feel good let it go.



3. Vacuum, Dust, and Put Those Dishes Away

This is not my favorite, and a difficult one to keep up with with four kids, but a necessary evil that yields results. Having things tidy feels good doesn’t it?  Clean up what you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Pay someone to do it if that’s an option, or sometimes you just need to throw a get-together to get your place in order. Do what works best for you to keep things tidy.


4. Buy Yourself Some Fresh Flowers

There’s nothing like the energy of fresh flowers!  Flower energy is bigger, and brighter than our own. If you’ve noticed I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures of flowers because they’re magic. I’m capturing beauty, and something energetic that words can’t express well. There’s a whole science to healing with flower essences too. Bonus points, pick up some flowers in your favorite color, and make sure to compost when it’s time.

5. Admire Your Treasures

Nothing calls in your desires faster than gratitude. Take the time to admire your art, that special trinket your best friend gave you cause she was thinking about you. I have my favorite books above my desk, and when I glance at them it makes me feel good. Take notice of the beauty that’s around you in your space, every items is sending you a subconscious love note (provided you got rid of the old stuff).

Remember you don’t have to do any of these steps perfectly, I have four kids, piles of stuffed bears in tutu’s, and polka dot spit up rags (for the baby) all over. Do your best, and notice the energetic shift that happens when you’re nurturing yourself through your space with these steps.

Having a space that’s sacred is self-care, and you will feel so much better because of it. 

To take this a step further, and dive deep into manifesting be sure to read “The Guide To Sacred Space.”






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