Your survival depends on knowing your flavor of self-care, and doing it.

Self-care can look different for everyone, and depending on your personality It can be as simple as Netflix and chill with no sexual innuendos implied, reading some delicious Jennifer Weiner ‘chic lit’ or going to catch “Wonder Woman” at the movies. What feeds you?  What leaves you recharged, full, and able to give to the world your light? What you have to offer the world is dependent on the answer to this question, so don’t skip it, please.
It’s amazing how much we value “productivity,” and “hustle”.

The social pressure of “hustle” is why we feel so much guilt when we step away from work to take time for ourselves.  So why is self-care so important? What happens when you don’t honor your need to relax?

I’ve been struggling with a 5 month old baby, minimal showers, my toe nails need clipped, I haven’t had a haircut in 9 months +,  my teeth need cleaned, and I need a break.My self-care crisis this week left me on the couch unable able to do anything, but  binge watch all of the episodes of Boss Girl on Netflix,  wrapped in my favorite fluffy grey blanket for 4 evenings straight.

After being rendered mostly useless this week, I feel wonderful. Sitting on the couch, sipping hibiscus mint tea felt glorious. After I got over my guilt for doing it, that spark came back, I was able to write this, and schedule interviews for a babysitter to come in a few hours a week so I can be sure to take care of me.

Your Creative Spark, The Open Chanel For Your Next Step In Your Journey Is Dependent On Self-Care. Click To Tweet

1. Your Creative Spark, The Open Chanel For Your Next Step In Your Journey Will Go Away.

The juice that gets you excited to wake up in the morning will turn static if you’ve been giving to everyone else, but yourself. Creative ideas are dependent on you being full of life, recharged, and tapped in. A complete disconnect can happen if you keep giving, and don’t take the time to nurture yourself.

Our journey is unique, and we need to be completely in touch with our heart to know our next step. Big ideas don’t come in one full sweep, they come from millions of tiny nudges, and once you neglect self-care your ability to take in that information is temporarily stopped.  You need to fuel the tank, so you can be an open vessel to receive.  If you’re empty there will be no messages from the universe except how much you need to rest.

2. You Will Be Left Empty, and Unable To Give To Anyone.

We’re all here for a higher purpose, to make the world more beautiful in some way, and if you’re neglecting yourself you don’t get to be of service to the world. You are the most important equation in your ability to make a difference in the world. You. Neglect yourself, and the world won’t get any of the benefits of the gifts you have to offer when you’re exhausted, and burned out.

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3. You Will Lose Playfulness.

There’s no fun in burn-out and exhaustion. You will have a complete inability to enjoy any of the results you’re working so hard to produce when you’ve gone far too long without nurturing yourself.  You can keep pushing, it’s possible, but eventually once the joy is all gone, you won’t be able to move another muscle until you take the time to recharge, and prioritize yourself above all else.

Lack of self-care is a joy crusher, and having that joy, and that fever around what you do is so essential to being able to share your unique gifts. Plus you become a crab to be around (and nobody likes a crab 🙂 ).

Lack of self-care is a joy crusher. Having joy, and fever around what you do is essential Click To Tweet

Self-Care is the foundation that gives birth to ideas, it fuels creative risks, and it makes our heart bigger so that we can continue to be of service to the world. Be gentle to you, yes, you, and go get a hot stone massage, or whatever your idea of self-care is. Know it, and do it.

Self-care is productive! It keeps you so full that you can receive, and give, it keeps life light, and fun, and keeps a self-care crisis at bay.  So throw away that guilt about it, and schedule it, every week. 

Action Steps:

  1. Determine what self-care means to you.
  2. Schedule one self-care activity, and make it a priority.


What’s one of your Self-Care strategies that re-fuels you? Let me know in the comments!






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